Wireless phone charger

Dongguan Zhengbili Technology Co., Ltd. is a 3C products manufacturer with many years of R&D and production experience. It officially entered the foreign trade market in 2019. Zhengbili has more than 50 employees and an independent laboratory. It is divided into 2 major business segments, one is the production of wires and cables and other wire materials. The second is to produce 3C products, such as: USB cable, data cables, mobile power, chargers, wireless chargers, earphones, mobile phone cases, etc. Zhengbili has a deep cooperative relationship with many brand companies. Enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry, and is deeply loved and praised by customers. Finally, you are welcome to enter our shop, sincerely hope that we can reach cooperation with you, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

MFi Cable
USB Cable
PC hub
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